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Hong Kong, Audi R8 Gold Chrome, 2015
Warwick Castle, clouds, Garden, England
Rila Mountains, lakes, clouds, Bulgaria
Tonality, Room, black and white
lanterns, Prague, buildings, Charles Bridge, Czech Republic, figure, Sunrise
Sunrise, Fog, Seaside, River, Russia
sea, Coast, Great Sunsets, pier
Joshua Tree National Park, star, The United States, Sky, rocks, State of California, Star way
Ringerike Municipality, lake, Boat, Stones, viewes, Norway, Great Sunsets, trees
Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy, Dolomites Mountains, Seiser Alm Meadow, Houses, clouds, trees, viewes, winter
trees, State of Colorado, Maroon Bells Peaks, clouds, Maroon Lake, The United States, rocky mountains, reflection, viewes, autumn
viewes, Ringerike Municipality, snow, trees, Norway, winter, lake
trees, Ringerike, clouds, lake, Norway, viewes, Great Sunsets
Hallst?ttersee Lake, Austria, Mountains, Church, Houses, Hallstatt
Province of Bolzano, Italy, Karersee Lake, Dolomites Mountains, reflection, snow, viewes, forest, trees
trees, winter, forest, Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine, viewes, Sunrise
Ringerike Municipality, Norway, winter, trees, snow, Fog, forest, house, viewes
Lieksa, Finland, winter, Lake Pielinen, The Hills, Great Sunsets, Spruces, National Park of Koli, North Karelia, Snowy, forest
winter, trees, clouds, viewes, Great Sunsets, Ringerike Municipality, Norway, Home
State of Arizona, The United States, rocks, Antelope Canyon, cave
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