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site come in as many as 20 different categories. Apart from individual categories that comprise modern arts and photography, there are categories which serve as a basis of most visited wallpapers or is a list of the brand new wallpapers. Thus, a viewer of the site is capable of deciding whether he or she prefers to find a wallpaper on his or her own or choose one of the most popular wallpapers instead. There are two seemingly similar categories that can easily be mistaken, however, they are not the same. The best arts category is the first of the two often mistaken with each other categories. In this case, quality of the graphic and uniqueness are taken into consideration. As long as a photograph can be easily customized with no quality loss and the content is unique - it is seen as a useful graphic and thus, can be found in the best arts category.

Another category, very similar to the best arts is known as the most visited. In this category, high quality in most resolutions does not matter to such an extent. What is crucial here is the number of viewings. The more often the wallpaper was viewed, the greater the chances are that it will eventually be located in the most visited category.

The rest of the categories are carefully entitled so that one glance at each of them is enough to realize what can be expected. For instance, many of the categories are connected with natural surroundings and their names are as follows: nature, animals, landscape and places: continents countries, places: cosmos. Urban categories are closely connected with technical development as so they include: automobile, vehicles, places again but this time in sub-category buildings and also in a separate category known as products. Some wallpapers are created for computers only - not for any other devices. They are all to be found in a category entitled for computer. Wallpapers for computer include such arts and photographs as: games' materials, operating systems' inspired arts and graphic that are connected with various consoles.

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grass, coast, viewes, Flowers, lake, trees, Mountains
viewes, winter, Sunrise, clouds, forest, trees
Flowers, bee, blur, papavers
Cigarette, smiling, glass, Fur, Champagne, Women
Autumn, forest, trees, viewes, Washington State, The United States, Moulton Falls Bridge, rocks, Lewis River
White frost, trees, River, viewes, winter, snow, morning
stalk, butterfly, green ones, background, grass, Dusky Icarus
Mountains, house, Meadow, woods
drifts, Snowy, Sunrise, trees, Plants, snow, winter, viewes
Dark Background, Flowers, Alstroemeria
viewes, Path, grass, fallen, Green, trees, forest, Leaf
Sunrise, sea, Lighthouses
rocks, lake, trees, viewes, forest, The Hills
lake, Valley, Denmark, waterfall, Faroe Islands, Mountains, Great Sunsets, house
lake, forest, Great Sunsets, Snowy, viewes, Mountains, winter, trees
skyscrapers, dawn, The United States, East River Strait, Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, New York
trees, viewes, grass, Autumn, lake
forest, winter, viewes, Sunrise, trees, River
Mountains, lake, fantasy, astronaut, clouds, Planets, Universe, Sky
grass, medows, trees, Tufts, field, White frost, Sunrise
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