For desktop - Statues

Fontanna Di Trevi, Rome, Italy, statues
Church, Budapest, Hungary, San Matias
Castle, Baden, Park, statues, Hohenzollern, W?rttemberg
gerberas, North America, City at Night, statues, California, Disneyland
neptunium, Gda?sk, Poland, Lighted Townhouses
Grain Epitaph of Life, citadel, Pozna?, sculpture
Dragon, Statue monument, Chinese
Statue monument, angel, Sky, thoughtful
statues, stone, Elephant, Garden
Flower-beds, figures, statues, Bush
Polonnaruwa, Ancient, Town
freedom, casino, clouds, statue, Hotel hall, skyscrapers, City at Night
Statue monument, tiger
buildings, construction, Monument, Metal
Statue monument, trees, viewes, Mountains
Garden, Statue monument, Head
Pozna?, figure, St. John of Nepomuk
Statue monument, Sky, star, sphinx
figure, idol
Angels and Demons, Statue monument
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